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Instagram Hacks to Improve Engagement

Instagram should be the #1 component of every business’s social media marketing strategy. 

Research firm eMarketer recently published their forecast for worldwide Instagram users, projecting 593 million monthly users at the end of 2017, with that number rising to 928 million by 2021. According to that same eMarketer report, Instagram will account for one-third of all social media users by 2021

However, many businesses not using Instagram or they are doing it ineffectively. We have a few quick and easy Instagram hacks to turn your account from an anonymous page into a thriving marketing funnel driving traffic, impressions, and customers to your business.


Most people just post images to Instagram and hope that likes, comments, and followers will come rolling in. This is the wrong approach. Social media is about engaging with others, not passively posting content. If you simply upload content and wait, your account is going to produce very little engagement unless you already have a well know brand or following. This means that you need to step up your game to attract followers. Good news, the solution to this issue is simple!

  • Follow brands and accounts that line up with your business.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes a day to go through your feed and leave comments on pictures that align with your content and brand.

This method sounds simple and too good to be true, but it really works. By engaging with other accounts that align with your brand each day, you will see an increased amount of engagement in return.


You need to post a minimum of once a day to do well on Instagram. Moreover, the more you post the better more reach you will have. This is going to take real effort. You cannot steal other people’s content to post, this must be your own unique and branded content. Each day you need to spend time drafting content online or with your smartphone camera. If you do not have time to do this try outsourcing to UpWork, Fivver, or hire a firm to manager you social media marketing for you.


You can post awesome and unique content, but if you don’t utilize your caption well, you will miss out on a plethora of engagement opportunities. Captions are a simple but extremely important aspect of creating an engaged community. The caption should not just be a descriptor of the post but should be a call to action for the community that is viewing the post. 

Examples of some captions that work:

  • Ask a question: ask your followers a question related to the post. This will increase engagement and may even start a discussion among your followers.
  • “Tag a friend who ____”: ask your followers to tag a friend based on the post. For example, if the image is a picture of a cute puppy, your caption could be, “Tag a friend who needs puppy cuddles!”. When your followers tag friends, it brings new traffic to your page and is essentially free marketing for you.
  • Ask for a ‘like’: Be direct and honest. Captions with “double tap if you agree” or “Double tap if you want puppy cuddles!” will receive more likes just by from adding a simple line of text and asking for a like.


Instagram is not going away anytime soon and will soon become the most important platform in the social media space. Many businesses have resisted using Instagram because they don’t see the platform’s relevance or they don’t know how to utilize it or they think it is an overwhelming endeavor. Please don’t make this mistake; learn to take advantage of the marketing opportunities Instagram offers small businesses. And if you cannot do it yourself, outsource. We have a team that can help you navigate this and would love to talk to you about your business. 


Our goal is to provide business owners with world-class consulting services. We find untapped growth potential that maintains the client’s original mission. Scalable, simplified solutions.

We are values-driven leaders motivated by visions for how our team will create extraordinary value for our partners. Driven by views that go beyond outsized financial returns, and we are business builders with a track record of success in our industries. As a team, we operate with “For Purpose” business model to give back to our community and throughout the world. See:

Rotate is a purpose-driven consulting firm based in Irvine, California. We help companies solve business problems and build for the future. We are designers, strategists, and technologists who are passionate about marketing, business innovation, and building great software, websites, mobile applications, and online products. Our clients are well-known international brands and small entrepreneurial businesses.

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Get noticed online with dialed in SEO to get your site ranked higher on the results page.

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Our Team

We are a team of thinkers, makers, and doers from enterprises, consultancies, agencies, and startups—all excited by the promise of loving life and our work. Our teams are deeply connected and bring their shared experiences and insights across industries, disciplines, and markets to every engagement.

We are primarily interested in industries where our team possess relevant experience and expertise: retail, B2C technology, tech-enabled consumer goods and services, B2B technology, healthcare IT, education IT, IoT, AR/VR, finance, and manufacturing.


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We’re In This Together

Partner is a verb we live every day.  You can say that we’re passionate about your success and dedicated to making your business stronger than it is today. Long-term success for you means long-term success for us. Our approach is collaborative, agile, and flexible to fit the needs of your people, processes, and technologies. We make every decision and recommendation with your long-term success in mind. Our experience provides us with the wisdom that you shouldn’t be searching for a developer or marketing agency but should be searching for a creative, technical partner instead.

We Add Business Value

Our founders have over 45+ years of consultancy experience in marketing, technology, and business. Our agency distinguishes itself with down-to-earth ethics: We’re not here to sell our services. We’re here to add value to your business. Every business is as different, and is as unique, as the people running it. Every potential customer is also a possible advocate for your business. Thus, every solution needs to recognize that your customers are real people. And so are we. We’re here to open a creative discussion about how to take you from where you are – to where you want to be.

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Better results, faster, and more collaboratively, with a software development team that values collaboration and quality products.

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We are not a Marketing Agency that uses jargon. We value transparency and explain our work in plain English, so you don’t need a cryptograph to understand our deliverables. We design strategic plans and execute campaigns that will make an impact.


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