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Instagram Hacks to Improve Engagement

Instagram should be the #1 component of every business’s social media marketing strategy. 

Research firm eMarketer recently published their forecast for worldwide Instagram users, projecting 593 million monthly users at the end of 2017, with that number rising to 928 million by 2021. According to that same eMarketer report, Instagram will account for one-third of all social media users by 2021

However, many businesses not using Instagram or they are doing it ineffectively. We have a few quick and easy Instagram hacks to turn your account from an anonymous page into a thriving marketing funnel driving traffic, impressions, and customers to your business.


Most people just post images to Instagram and hope that likes, comments, and followers will come rolling in. This is the wrong approach. Social media is about engaging with others, not passively posting content. If you simply upload content and wait, your account is going to produce very little engagement unless you already have a well know brand or following. This means that you need to step up your game to attract followers. Good news, the solution to this issue is simple!

  • Follow brands and accounts that line up with your business.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes a day to go through your feed and leave comments on pictures that align with your content and brand.

This method sounds simple and too good to be true, but it really works. By engaging with other accounts that align with your brand each day, you will see an increased amount of engagement in return.


You need to post a minimum of once a day to do well on Instagram. Moreover, the more you post the better more reach you will have. This is going to take real effort. You cannot steal other people’s content to post, this must be your own unique and branded content. Each day you need to spend time drafting content online or with your smartphone camera. If you do not have time to do this try outsourcing to UpWork, Fivver, or hire a firm to manager you social media marketing for you.


You can post awesome and unique content, but if you don’t utilize your caption well, you will miss out on a plethora of engagement opportunities. Captions are a simple but extremely important aspect of creating an engaged community. The caption should not just be a descriptor of the post but should be a call to action for the community that is viewing the post. 

Examples of some captions that work:

  • Ask a question: ask your followers a question related to the post. This will increase engagement and may even start a discussion among your followers.
  • “Tag a friend who ____”: ask your followers to tag a friend based on the post. For example, if the image is a picture of a cute puppy, your caption could be, “Tag a friend who needs puppy cuddles!”. When your followers tag friends, it brings new traffic to your page and is essentially free marketing for you.
  • Ask for a ‘like’: Be direct and honest. Captions with “double tap if you agree” or “Double tap if you want puppy cuddles!” will receive more likes just by from adding a simple line of text and asking for a like.


Instagram is not going away anytime soon and will soon become the most important platform in the social media space. Many businesses have resisted using Instagram because they don’t see the platform’s relevance or they don’t know how to utilize it or they think it is an overwhelming endeavor. Please don’t make this mistake; learn to take advantage of the marketing opportunities Instagram offers small businesses. And if you cannot do it yourself, outsource. We have a team that can help you navigate this and would love to talk to you about your business. 


Increasing Productivity Through Acts of Appreciation (Thanksgiving)

With Thanksgiving all but upon us, our team at Rotate has been reflecting on how we can be thankful and appreciative of our co-workers and team members not just this week, but throughout the year. We all know (or can at least imagine) how personally motivating it is to work on a team where your successes are recognized and your finished projects celebrated. Our hope is that you can build an appreciation plan into your regular work cadence and create a team that feels valued and motivated to succeed.

We are wired differently. It doesn’t take much observation to notice that no two people are exactly alike. We all have a unique lens through which we perceive the world and the actions of others. Have you heard of Gary Chapman’s 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace? Chapman posits that each person has a primary way that they feel appreciated by others. Everyone can feel appreciated when someone extends their acknowledgment in ANY of these five ways or “languages", but everyone has a primary way they feel loved/appreciated. The primary “language of appreciation” that each person “speaks/hears”, falls into one of five categories: Words of Affirmation (affirming others with written or spoken words), Quality Time (giving undivided attention), Acts of Service (pitching in to help get things done), Tangible Gifts (offering non-monetary gifts) and Physical Touch (not appropriate for the workplace).

We know that the 5 Languages can seem a little cheesy, but it’s very eye-opening if you speak to someone who “speaks” a different “ language" from you. The concept of different Languages of Appreciation applies to the way you celebrate and motivate people in the workplace. On our team here at Rotate, we have at least two people that are Words of Affirmation and another that is Quality Time. What speaks volumes to one worker can actually be a little painful for another. Each example below is a valid way to show appreciation in the workplace, but some will resonate deeply with you whereas, others won’t have a significant personal draw. This all depends on your primary language.

  • Your boss directly acknowledges you during an all-hands meeting in front of your peers. Words of Affirmation
  • You receive a personal email from a peer that offers to take a report off your plate next week because they know you have a lot going on right now. Acts of Service
  • Your boss looks you in the eye, notes something specific that you accomplished, and tells you that you did a great job. Quality Time
  • You arrive at your desk in the morning to find your favorite cup of joe on your desk with the words “great job” written on the lid. Tangible Gifts
Apply it:
Know your team: Consider asking your team to share the way they feel the most appreciated at work. Share the examples above to give a full picture of all the ways people can feel appreciated. Have your team take the 5 Love Languages test for free and share the results.
Create a culture of appreciation: Set a regular moment within your workday or work-week where you acknowledge someone on your team or at your workplace. If you’re in a position of leadership, ask everyone you manage to do the same.
Cast your net wide: It can be difficult to determine how each person will receive (or “hear”) the recognition you give them. Be sure to share appreciation in a number of different ways. Brainstorm with your team, and beyond, for ways to celebrate successes and hard work, done well. Each company has a unique culture and your people are in the best position to come up with great ideas.
Reconsider your benchmarks for appreciation: I’ve worked for companies that only celebrate at the end of the year. They pull huge reports and run numbers every possible way and then print out a certificate (or order a plaque) for each team or member that had the best results. This can be an important way to honor a job well done, but it typically only celebrates a small segment of the team for a job well done. It doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge the hard work of the MANY that it took to get there. The year-end celebration also often takes place months after the hard work is completed.
Instead, set some achievable milestones along the way. Don’t make them so hard to reach that no one ever has a chance to celebrate a victory or be recognized as successful in a week-to-week or month-to-month timeframe. In a Globoforce research study, they found that 89% of people were motivated by being told what they were doing right rather than what they were doing wrong. 80% of people expected positive recognition to be given near the time of the activity. So encourage people along the way and express gratitude for the work that IS done, without always looking for the finale.
Thank you for reading, now go thank someone!


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