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What is Custom Software Development?

In this digital age, more and more business owners are turning to complex software, like apps and web-based software applications, to power their businesses. Not only is software in general necessary for daily operational tasks, but it can be considered, at times, a core part of your business’ value proposition.

As you grow your business, you may be looking to implement custom software as a product, service, or for customer acquisition and retention. In any case, having some software that works for ​you is critical and you can’t risk using universal software that might not work for your needs, and unintentionally turn customers away from your brand.

What you need is custom software development. If you’re new to software development, then know that choosing custom software development for your business makes intuitive sense for many use cases, and generally, it is easy to hire out and get the product you are looking for.

Read on to learn about custom software development and why you should consider it for your next project.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development​ is the development of a software product, such as a web-based application or a mobile app, from scratch. Custom software development firms are able to take your idea and bring it to life, from design, development, building, implementation, and scaling of software for the desired needs.

Custom software development is also referred to as bespoke software since the development of the product is usually only for a specific customer.

The process of custom software builds usually involves a standard level of investigation and research with ​software development​, including choosing a methodology (such as Agile, DevOps, and Waterfall), requirements gathering, code construction, architecture building, design, testing, managing issues, deployment, integration, scalability, and much more.

When it comes to building custom software, the custom software development team will usually work one-on-one with the client, either as an in-house team or as a third-party, to map out the ideation and design of custom elements. Custom software might also add on ​modifying COTS applications, application modernization, and application management, like management, updates, and data storage.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software development allows you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the software applications that your company needs. You can be as specific as you like, creating a custom software and app package that will best suit your client’s needs.

Furthermore, custom software development allows for premium white-labeling and functions unique to your brand. If you want to sell items online but you don’t like the look of standard eCommerce, then you can create your own eCommerce website. The website build is a one-time purchase rather than a yearly subscription model and it is designed for your use and best practices.

Custom software development is fully unique; this means that from the design conception all the way to the implementation of the product, you can have a say in each aspect. Additionally, the custom software development company​that you are working with will also employ the methodologies that best suit your product goals. Work collaboratively with a team or take a step back and allow your development company the take hold of the reins.

Best Use Cases for Custom Software Development

It’s no surprise that brands globally are investing in app and software development. In 2019, ​204 billion apps​were downloaded. And in 2022, it is expected that the number of total mobile apps in circulation will exceed 250 billion.

If you want an app for a specific goal, marketing campaign, or to sit alongside your brand’s primary products, then using custom software development to build it is a best-case scenario. This way, the app is entirely customized and unique to your brand’s needs.

Some of the best use cases for custom software development include:

  • Needing a fully-customized software that you intend to sell or sell as a white-labeled software-as-a-service
  • Working with industries where software development is not popular or limited due to industry restrictions
  • If you are struggling to find an app or software that works for your needs, in terms of daily operations or automation
  • Seeking to futurize your product development process

As a convenient piece of software, having an app for your brand or business will set you above the competition. In sourcing app or software for your brand, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Therefore, if you are looking for your own personalized software or app, you will want to choose custom software development.

Choosing Custom Software Development

If you think that custom software development is the best for you, you may be shopping around for a company that fits. In choosing a ​custom software development company​, you’ll want to find a company that

  • Has the expertise to finish your project
  • Has experience in completing past projects
  • Understands your business goals and desired goals for the project
  • Is willing to educate you on the processes needed to develop software

If any of these don’t line up, then you may be working with a cheap software development company, one that is not as knowledgeable in the services you need, or one that does not get where you’re coming from.

Vet the custom software development company that you go with. Make sure that the application will be compatible with the intended services and can be integrated into the APIs, and plugins, or websites you plan to use. You don’t want to have to develop an additional workaround or patches in order to use its basic functions of the software. In most cases, a good software development company will ask you questions about the needs of the software and its potential future uses.

You may be surprised to learn that custom software development is relatively easy. The team you choose should walk you through the things you need to know! So if you are thinking about selling software-as-a-service, or you run a company and you don’t want too much of your budget to go to software subscriptions, then consider working with a custom software development team to solve this problem.

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