Team Expansion

Staff your Team with our remote Designers & Developers

Need help scaling your design or development team? Rotate's Team Extension service is the perfect solution. We provide you with access to a pool of pre-vetted, senior remote designers and developers with strong technical and communication skills.

Our team is ready to work in your timezone and at unbeatable prices.

Our Staff Augmentation Process

Hire Designers & Developers Directly

Rotate's Team Extension service makes it easy to expand your team with expert designers and developers. Say goodbye to the burdens of recruitment and maintenance, and focus on scaling your business. Get access to the people with the skills you need.

roadmap planning

2. Talent Planning

Our recruiters will carefully curate a selection of candidates based on the agreed-upon requirements. Our HR specialists will then thoroughly screen, interview, and filter the chosen candidates, assessing their background, technical skills, English proficiency, and soft skills. Finally, we will present the best-fit candidates for a final interview with you.

project scoping

1. Requirements

We will meet with you to understand your needs and clarify project details and requirements for the dedicated team. We will then work together to establish a preliminary work schedule and handle any other organizational aspects. If necessary, we will leverage our experience in developing similar solutions to help define technical candidate requirements.

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3. Team Assembling

We will efficiently assemble your offshore dedicated team based on your requirements and our standards. We can either hire new experts or transfer them from our other projects, depending on your needs. We can also involve you in the candidate selection process or handle it entirely. The only difference between your in-house team and our team is that we handle all administrative tasks for the remote developers.

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4. Team Integration

Once you have finalized the deal, your new dedicated development team can immediately be added to your project. We can facilitate communication and collaboration between our team and yours by utilizing our proven project management practices. Additionally, our experts can assist your in-house or third-party team in adopting these practices quickly.

Why Use Team Expansion

Expand your team in days not weeks.

Top-Tier Talent

At Rotate, you can hire dedicated software development team with extensive experience in your domain. Our dedicated developers go beyond just handling tasks and writing code; they focus on delivering value, building solutions, and addressing real-world problems. Additionally, they willingly share their expertise with your in-house staff at no cost, discussing the intricacies of your project.

Fast Recruiting & Hassel-Free Hiring

We can help you find the best technical talent faster than hiring in-house developers with Rotate staff. By engaging Rotate's dedicated  team, you gain access to skills and talents that might otherwise be challenging to find. We keep a pool of professionals from various fields, allowing you to handpick candidates that best align with your company's values.

Predictable Costs

Hiring dedicated full-time engineers in Rotate offers the opportunity to forecast monthly expenses accurately. This approach eliminates fees associated with office space, workstations, equipment, and paid time off. It is also a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house specialists, particularly if the team is based in another country. Rotate provides transparent pricing models without hidden costs.

Flexibility in team size and working hours

We offer you the flexibility to scale your team up or down effortlessly with only a one-month notice, eliminating the hassle of the hiring process. Additionally, you can request part-time professionals for specific tasks involving technologies outside your core tech stack. Regardless of your location, we make sure our schedules have several hours of time overlap for seamless communication.

Our Standards

We have core values over the work we produce for your team.

quality code

Quality Code

We provide developers with the best tools to produce high-quality code. In addition, all of our developers participate in the peer review process regardless of their skill level. This means fewer bugs, less downtime, improved maintainability, and a better user experience.

stellar infrastructure

Stellar Infrastructure

Our DevOps provides a more efficient and cost-effective cloud infrastructure built from the ground up. Dev, Staging, and Prod are powered by the most reliable and scalable cloud solutions available in the market with integrated CI/CD and automated testing.

software icon

Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies, the ones developers are most excited about. We ensure that we implement the latest technologies and frameworks, so your website or software will work properly on all devices and run smoothly for years.

always iterate

Always Iterate

Every project is unique and requires us to iterate and adapt our approach to finding creative and innovative solutions. We don't settle and always look for ways to refine our processes. This perspective has given us the necessary experience to be successful.

user centered

User Centered

We help brands talk to people. Our team combines storytelling, design, and tech to create human-centered experiences for every device. Our team of designers and developers use tested methods and proven processes to help you reach your audience.

escalation in mind

Growth in Mind

Our goal is to help you grow your company. We believe in supporting businesses for the long term by creating work that resonates with the values we share. So we're compelled to make extraordinary experiences and solutions. TLDR: We're different. We care.

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Frenquently Asked Questions

About Hiring Rotate's Remote Staff

Find answers to the most common FAQs about our Staff Augmentation. Don’t find the answer you are looking for? Contact us.

Who owns the code and intellectual property?

We build software according to ISO27001 standards. All the source code and intellectual property rights belong to you. Our remote team has contributed their work to client's patented solutions.

Who will be responsible for the quality of the work?

We have a multi-factor check of the quality of work. First, Quality Assurance runs necessary tests in a test environment. The tech lead then controls the code in pull requests. And finally, the project manager during the sprint review makes sure that the result is fully consistent with the original task.

What is the difference between middle and senior developers?

A Middle developer needs guidance and control. He should not make architectural decisions. Usually, he has 2+ years of experience, can build SPAs, and has a single specification (frontend or backend). A Senior developer is responsible for architectural decisions, code review, and features. Usually, he has 4+ years of experience, can build SPAs, eCommerce, and SaaS, and has multiple specifications (full-stack, DevOps).

Who works at Rotate?

We are a team of highly motivated professionals - developers, architects, designers, and managers.
We have cross-functional expertise: architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, UX/UI, frontend, backend, and testing.
We are located in different countries, but we’re connected and share the same thinking and work attitude.

Is there a non-disclosure agreement?

We will sign a Mutual NDA before starting every client project and limit access to your sensitive information.