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What is The Best JS Framework For 2023?

If you find yourself working in Javascript like much of the programming world, then you’ll need to find the right framework to keep ahead of the pack. Javascript is currently the most popular and most used coding language, and it has been since 2017.

Recently, GitHub polls for 2021 have shown that we can still expect to see Python and Java around, but also experience more languages like TypeScript, which has recently been ranked 4th over C#. Stack Overflow also rates Javascript as the number one programming language to use in 2021.

Here’s our take on the best Javascript framework for 2021:


When it comes to choosing the right front-end framework, you need to find a framework for the programming language you write in and one that fits the job requirements. Some frameworks like jQuery are still used a lot but are better for specialized niches like online content sites and WordPress templates. So you have to take this into account.

Every programming language comes with a syntax and a set of rules, so choosing a software framework will allow you, the programmer, to easily implement the code.

Frameworks aren’t always written in the code that it is designed for. For example, Angular is a popular front-end web-based Javascript framework but it is written in Typescript. However, Angular will help a JS developer with application development challenges. Angular implements dependency injections, end-to-end tooling, and declarative templates to help developers build applications for the web, desktop, and mobile suites.

Why We Use Frameworks

Programming frameworks make the complex job of preparing software code much easier. Software developers​ have to often abide by complex code language, syntax, design, and testing procedures.

Using a framework to simplify this process allows developers to focus on the high-level application design so not every coder needs to be an experienced software engineer. Developers of all skill levels can use versatile, robust, and efficient frameworks for simplifying the complex web development process.

There are many advantages to using a framework for a given coding language:

  • Establishes best practices for programming and improves design practices
  • Provides a more secure space for the code
  • Can reduce redundant or duplicate code
  • Helps to reduce the number of bugs
  • Open-source frameworks provide continual improvements and functionality
  • Code segments and functionalities come pre-build in many frameworks
  • Applications are often more reliable than hand-build codes
  • Testing is easier
  • Debugging is simpler
  • Any developer can go into the code to refactor, test, or debug
  • They significantly reduce the time it takes to build an application
  • If you’re looking for a job, many development firms require the use of a framework

Top JavaScript Frameworks

If you are developing web, computer, or mobile applications and you want/need to use the Javascript language, then you’ll want to find a compatible framework.

Popular JS frameworks to choose from, include React, Vue, Angular, and Node.

React JS

Also known as a Javascript library, React is a common open-source library that helps create interactive UIs. This front-end library is maintained by Facebook and other open-source developers and can be useful for creating single-page or mobile apps. React boasts simple usability with declarative views that make it easy to debug your code and also make your code more predictable.

Vue JS

An open-source front-end Javascript framework, Vue.js is a JS framework designed for user interfaces and single-page applications. It uses the model-view-view model architectural pattern so that keeps the architecture protected from manipulations for the design.

Angular JS

A popular open-source Javascript framework is Angular. Angular helps JS developers to design and build web applications. Popular programs like Netflix, Upwork, Youtube, and Paypal were all built using Angular. Angular is a type-script-based application and can provide secure coding since Javascript is commonly used for public-facing applications.

Node JS

Node JS differs a lot in functionality when compared with Angular and React JS. Node.js should be considered a server instead of a framework. Node JS works with the Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine. Node JS is often used to power backend services that communicate with client-side applications. These apps receive and send data through an API, which serves as their interface.

Best Javascript Framework for 2023

As mentioned previously, Vue JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and React JS are the three most popular JS frameworks. This is based on search volume, job preferences, and downloads. Based on search volume, React seems to be the most popular choice when it comes to Javascript methodologies. 57% of users went to React when they needed a framework for coding. React was also extremely high for ​downloads​, and Angular and the old Angular framework followed behind that.

React was also the top choice for jobs. So if you were looking to find work as a developer this year, then you should choose either React, which was preferred 47.6% of the time, or Angular, which was preferred 41.2% of the time. It’s important to note that a job listing might say that the developer should have experience in at least one of the more popular frameworks, but they are really looking for experience using React, and will therefore prefer candidates with experience in React over others.

Based on current data, we expect to ​React​ to still be a prominent and most-looked-to application for developers.

Also recognize that TypeScript is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses might take on Javascript developers and train them to work in TypeScript. It does not hurt to have some experience in TypeScript and be able to include it on your resume.

Choosing the best JS framework for your project will depend on a number of factors. Largely, it seems that businesses want a developer with some React experience, and this might become the norm as more programs pop up.

Even if the job application does not call for the specific framework, consider testing different frameworks so that you can say you have some familiarity with the product and would be willing to use it.

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