The Points Party
December 2023

Redesign a Content Marketing Website

The Points Party is a Discord community around Travel, Points, & Miles. The company wanted to expand its online presence with email newsletters, articles, guides, and credit card comparisons.

Development Services

Frontend, StrapiCMS, & API Integration

Design Services

Branding, Logo Design, and Web Design

Project Overview

The client hired us to revamp their old landing page and create a new, more engaging one. The goal is for people coming from search engines or social media to see this site as an authoritative source of information on current travel and credit card points.

The site aims to generate revenue from partner referrals by helping users find travel deals and credit card offers.


During our workshops, we focused on clarifying the product vision and identifying problems to solve. We collaborated to identify gaps or issues in current solutions that could be addressed by new technology or modern design. We then envision solutions that would meet those needs while paying attention to user experience and industry standards to create a content site that is valuable and enjoyable!

The Problem

The Points Party travel software system needed to be integrated with their new site to allow for bookings on the web. Integrating their existing software required collaborating globally across design, development, and marketing teams for a world-class experience that delivered the project quickly and accurately.

The Solution

We selected a new headless CMS system from Strapi for its flexibility and extensibility over a traditional solution like WordPress. Integrating the Strapi CMS with their travel software enabled powerful features like online bookings, memberships, gated content, and Discord integration. The new CMS also automated email notifications and integrated their Martech stack!

Project Execution

We partnered with The Points Party for three months to redesign their branding, develop their CMS-powered website, integrate their systems, and finish technical SEO.

"Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first."

Project Results

Logo Design

UI Kit

We carefully put together all the design elements into a component system and developed a styleguide and rules for adapting our grid to different screen resolutions.


The homepage of this website is the perfect place to start if you're looking for some travel news and tips. You can find all sorts here from articles on various topics, news about credit card, or subscribe for updates from their newsletter.

Subscription form

The subscription form allows you to choose the newsletter categories of most interest to you.


With our innovative layout, you can enjoy reading about your favorite destinations without feeling like this is too much information. We’ve created an easy-to-read visual content emphasizing grid that brings the user closer to the content while allowing easy navigation, so they spend more time on site!

Credit cards

The filter on offer categories and brief information about each card's features helps you find the right credit card for your needs. Users can browse the credit card comparison list or dive deeper into specific credit card details pages. In addition, we have credit card reviews and guides which provide additional helpful tips for maximizing credit card benefits and services.


The client wanted a page to explain the benefits of becoming a member of The Points Party community group and gaining access to exclusive information and software tools.

System pages

The client wanted creative and fun systems page designs for the 404 and 500 error pages. We also provide designs for search, privacy policy, newsletter template, and Open Graph preview.